We are currently open for the 2020 season.  At this time, we are open for reservations for RV's, motorhomes, pop-ups, or tentsWe are unable to take walk in campers.  All campsites must be reserved prior to arrival.  This is a state requirement due to COVID-19.

Our goal is a contactless check in process. We have forms that can be electronically signed, prior to your arrival, receive payment on the day of your stay via phone, as well as have your site information at the front door.  

​The checklist that the state has devised for campgrounds and guests is available here:

Updated July 2, 2020

Is the COVID-19 infection rate high in Maine?
Maine now has some of the lowest infection rates in the country and is one of the safest places to travel in the country. Due to the state’s success, lodging, restaurants and other businesses have been reopening throughout the state.

Are there any restrictions for coming in to Maine from out of state?
Yes.  Residents of states, other than Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont will need to quarantine for 14 days, in the campground.  If your stay is less than 14 days, then you must quarantine for the duration of your stay. 

If I'm quarantining at the campground, can I go to the beach, boating, or hiking?
According to the state, while choosing to quarantine, you can enjoy outdoor activities, as long as you are maintaining social distancing.

If I'm quarantining at the campground, can I run and pick up take-out, go to the market or pharmacy?
We understand this is difficult. Many of the local restaurants are providing contactless takeout and delivery options which are allowed.  We can deliver ice or wood to campsites when requested. Shopping is not allowed at this time.

Is there another option besides quarantining?
Yes.  As of June 26th, if you can attest to a negative COVID-19 test, within 72 hours of your stay, you will need to quarantine until your results arrive. 

If tests are difficult to obtain in my home state, how can I get tested?
The State of Maine has secured enough tests so that visitors to the State can receive a test in Maine.  You will need to quarantine in the campground until your test results are available.  Here is a link that explains the testing options, costs, and availability.

Where could I receive a test as I arrive in the State?
York is the second town you enter when you arrive in Maine on I-95.  York Hospital is providing a rapid 15 minute test.  There is a requirement for an appointment, but no doctors order is required.  The test is $25 and you can receive a receipt to submit to your insurance company.  You can make an appointment for your arrival in Maine, stop and get tested, get your results, and enjoy all that Maine has to offer with no quarantine exceptions.

I don’t have a doctor in Maine, how can I get a test?
The State of Maine has developed an open order that allows anyone, for any reason to receive the COVID-19 test. https://www.mainov/dhhs/mecdc/infectious-disease/epi/airborne/documents/MEDHHS_StandingOrder_COVID19testing_06-08-2020.pdf

How do I attest that I have had a negative COVID-19 test or have quarantined elsewhere in the state?
The State of Maine requires that guests fill out a Certificate of Compliance for Maine  visitors (   This certificate will be required prior to entering the property.

Does everyone need to fill out the form?
Guests under the age of 18, or residents of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, do not need to fill out the Certificate of Compliance.

Do I have to provide the test results?  Doesn’t that violate my privacy?
We will not be taking or examining copies of your results.  Our responsibility is to attain the form.  The test results are to be kept by you and only a designated health official will request to view or verify those test results if the need arises.

Am I allowed to have guests on my site?
At this time,  only residents of one household are allowed on the site overnight. So, no overnight visitors or guests are allowed. 

However, day visitors are allowed with restrictions. Contact the office for updated visitor guidelines.  Please notify the office of any guests that you anticipate.  There will be paperwork they need to complete. 

Is the pool open?
The pool is open, but there will be social distancing requirements and rules driven by COVID-19 safety.  To view updated rules, click here.

Is the playground open?
Yes.  The playground is open, but social distancing and good hand hygiene will be required. Click here for current COVID-19 

Are the restrooms, showers or laundry open?
The restrooms and showers are open. Unfortunately, the laundry will not be opening this year.

Are masks required?

Yes!  The Governor is requiring that guests of business establishments wear a mask.

Are restaurants and the beaches open?
Yes.  Restaurants and beaches are open! Some restaurants have indoor and outdoor dining and takeout is available. Social distancing is required.  Masks are required by staff and guests must wear one when traveling to and from their table.  Reservations are recommended for restaurants and some may require them. 

Restaurants are required to obtain the name and phone number of one guest in the party.  This is required in hopes of expediting the need for contact tracing should an outbreak occur.

Are there going to be lifeguards at the beach?
Yes.  Lifeguards will be at the beaches this summer.